Month: November 2020

Understanding Sustainable Living

In a gist, sustainable living is about making responsible decisions to care for the planet. It is about providing our future generations a world that they can enjoy, a world with no pollution, and no waste. It is not just about the future generation though, even we can enjoy a much more healthy and greener world, if only we understand…

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What are weighted blankets

Most of us, if not all, want to sleep sound and wake up stress free. One of the best ways to be able to do that is with a Weighted Blanket.  A weighted blanket is generally filled with materials like beads, discs or pellets made of polyfill or glass. They are so precisely and meticulously filled that the weight of…

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Help reduce adverse effects of plastic on environment

You must have witnessed a conscious effort towards stopping the usage of plastic based products in the current times. Drinking from plastic straws is also on the brunt of this rebellion, and it is with good reason; plastic is terrible for the environment, resulting in pollution and environmental degradation. It was about time that countries around the world started banning…

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